Metro Graphics Reporter is a news resource for the print and graphic communications (P&GC) industry in the tristate NY-NJ-CT metro area. Our focus is primarily on news about P&GC companies and individuals in this region (although news from throughout the Northeast will be reported). The creator and editor of Metro Graphics Reporter is Patrick Henry, a Queens, NY-based journalist who has been covering the P&GC industry since 1984.

Of interest to Metro Graphics Reporter is anything related to the progress and prosperity of the P&GC industry in the tristate region. Topics of coverage will include:

• new business
• new technology
• equipment installations
• mergers and acquisitions
• personnel announcements
• activities of trade and professional associations
• industry events
• law, regulation, and public policy affecting P&GC companies in the tristate region
• academic and professional education
• standards and best practices
• “green” and sustainable operation
• awards and honors

If you have information or leads in any of these areas, please e-mail us: pathenry@metrographicsreporter.com