Sandy Alexander Sets A World Benchmark by Installing Its Third HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press

Sandy Alexander (Clifton, NJ) has become the first print company in the world to purchase and install three HP Indigo 10000 Digital Presses.

Sandy Alexander was one of the first companies to install the 29″ HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press as a beta customer in 2012. After a successful beta test, the company decided to purchase the press to transform its offerings and provide the capacity needed to support new programs for its clients in the automotive, pharmaceutical, financial, and travel industries.

In June 2013, Sandy Alexander added a second HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press to meet growing demand for the larger sheet size and support its expanding capabilities in one-to-one marketing. Now, Sandy Alexander has purchased a third HP Indigo Digital Press to increase marketing and variable data printing capabilities.

“The success of several of our ongoing loyalty and acquisition campaigns led to increased demand for personalized print output in the larger sheet size,” stated Rob Mayerson, general manager of Sandy Alexander’s Digital Solutions Division. “In a few cases, we found our agency clients designing communications specifically for the HP Indigo 10000, further leading to increased demand and a call for capacity.”

Sandy Alexander is a leading direct marketing and commercial print provider for companies across the U.S. Sandy Alexander has an unwavering focus on color consistency and quality, making the HP Indigo 10000 a perfect match. With three digital presses the company will increase its digital output, offering faster turnaround to customers, and providing more digital print with high-quality color matching and effects like white ink and raised print.

“In this competitive marketplace, we strive relentlessly to help our clients maximize the effectiveness of their marketing efforts,” said Mike Graff, CEO and president of Sandy Alexander. “The ability to leverage the larger sheet size in combination with superior quality and data driven personalization has been a true differentiator. It has opened the door to even deeper relationships with Fortune 500 clients in the automotive, retail, luxury goods and travel industries.”

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