The “Four Hundred”—and the “Forty-Eight”

During America’s Gilded Age, the acme of the upper crust was the so-called “Four Hundred.” Within this elite circle, it was said, dwelt the people most worth knowing in high society—those who really mattered in the realms of haute style and elegant taste.

The graphic communications industry has a less snooty but no less distinctive “Four Hundred” of its own: the Printing Impressions Top 400, an annual ranking of the leading commercial printing companies in the U.S. and Canada. We were reminded of it by a press release issued recently by Haig Graphic Communications (Hauppauge, NY) proudly noting the company’s inclusion on the 2011 list.

Because the original “Four Hundred” were denizens of New York, we wondered how well represented the region is in the PI rankings. So, we combed the list for firms based in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. What we found was clear evidence of how important a graphic communications manufacturing center and market the three states continue to comprise.

We’re a bit biased, but we believe that the cream of the industry’s equivalent of the “Four Hundred” are right here in the territory served by Metro Graphics Reporter. Together, the 48 firms listed alphabetically below make up an impressive share of the total, accounting for nearly $2.2 billion in sales and employing more than 9,200 people.

Next to each name is its ranking in the 2011 list and its self-reported annual sales (in millions). The PI Top 400 is published in the magazine’s December issue. If you believe that your company should be on it, write to Printing Impressions, Attn: Special Projects Editor, 1500 Spring Garden St., 12th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19130.

AFL Web Printing (Voorhees, NJ) rank: 93; reported sales: $52.5
American Print Solutions (Brooklyn, NY) 159; $30
arvato AG (New York, NY) 25; $258.9
Barton & Cooney (Burlington, NJ) 371; $9.5
Candid Litho Printing (Long Island City, NY) 170; $28.5
Canfield & Tack (Rochester, NY) 317; $13.02
Cohber Press (Rochester, NY) 284; $15.2
Content Critical (Carlstadt, NJ) 182; $27
Design Distributors (Deer Park, NY) 263; $16.42
DG3 Diversified Global Graphics Group (Jersey City, NJ) 34; $160
Diamond Packaging (Rochester, NY) 86; $57.02
Dolce Brothers Printing (Maywood, NJ) 336; $12
EarthColor (Parsippany, NJ) 28; $242
Edison Litho & Printing (North Bergen, NJ) 159; $30
Evergreen Printing (Bellmawr, NJ) 189; $25
Federal Direct (Clifton, NJ) 207; $23.5
Finlay Printing (Bloomfield, CT) 236; $20
FLM Graphics (Fairfield, NJ) 267; $16.2
Flower City Printing (Rochester, NY) 79; $62.19
Garrison Printing (Pennsauken, NJ) 396; $6.5
Gator Communications Group (Fairfield, NJ) 348; $11.38
Gintzler Graphics (Buffalo, NY) 351; $11
Haig Graphic Communications (Hauppauge, NY) 383; $8.1
Hammer Packaging (W. Henrietta, NY) 52; $94.4
Harty Press (New Haven, CT) 313; $13.42
HighRoad Press (New York, NY) 344; $11.5
Integrated Book Technology (Troy, NY) 243; $19
Integrity Graphics (Windsor, CT) 252; $17.2
KM Media Group (Clifton, NJ) 267; $16.2
L.K. Litho (Middle Island, NY) 61; $82
MacNaughton Lithograph/Command Web Offset (Secaucus, NJ) 33; $163
Maggio Data Forms (Hauppauge, NY) 212; $23
Mercury Print Productions (Rochester, NY) 170; $28.5
Merlin Printing (Amityville, NY) 392; $7.1
National Graphics (N. Branford, CT) 65; $78.3
New Jersey Business Forms/InfoSeal (Englewoood, NJ) 180; $27.5
Paravista Inc. (Piscataway, NJ) 327; $12.6
Paris Business Products (Westampton, NJ) 51; $97
Pictorial Corp. (Carlstadt, NJ) 78; $63.8
Premier Printing and Mailing (Stratford, CT) 371; $9.5
Prestone Printing (Long Island City, NY) 212; $23
Riegel Printing (Ewing, NJ) 269; $16
Sandy Alexander (Clifton, NJ) 44; $114
Tapecon Inc. (Buffalo, NY) 306; $13.9
Trumbull Printing (Trumbull, CT) 318; $13
UNIMAC Graphics (Carlstadt, NJ) 61; $82
Velocity Print Solutions (Middlebury, CT) 269; $16
Zenger Group (Buffalo, NY) 299; $14.16